Designer & Illustrator


The Challenge: To create a campaign that supports a social cause and brings together a local community. How can we encourage young women to apply for mentorships and create lasing connections in the community that will nurture them in their career?

The Solution: An organization and app, called Mentoo, would be created out of Vancouver and the Lower Mainland. Mentoo would allow young women to create a profile and apply for a mentorship in their local area, depending on their career interests. Based on their application choices they would be matched with a  local mentor in their industry of choice, who they could be mentored by.

Interested graduates can also use the app to apply to become a mentor, using a similar process. The app can be used to submit applications, interact with your mentors, schedule meetups, track hours spent, find events through Mentoo and journal memories together.

Winner of the YCN Student Design Awards 2017: Pearson Brief