Designer & Illustrator

Echo Pins

The Challenge: To create an entrepreneurial project that’s artistically driven and feasible for us as a student to create and operate. How can we create a personal business that promotes self expression, that’s ethical, affordable, accessible and can support a social cause?

The Solution: Echo Pin Collective operates as a collection of local artists who create and submit enamel pin designs that would be manufactured here in Vancouver. Pins are a mini echo or tiny self-reflection of a person’s ideals, beliefs and dreams. They’re bite-sized cultural reverb, that’s affordable and accessible for people of all ages and have varying budgets.

A smaller group of committed artists join Cheyenne to represent Echo to vote on preliminary design submissions. Afterwards, the final chosen designs can be displayed to the public to vote on. Ultimately I would get a veto on content if I deem it inappropriate or not on brand.

There would also be a featured Celebrity Artist Pin and a Not for Profit Pin, with higher pricing and limited runs. Prices would increase as supply decreases. Once an artists design is chosen, 50% of profits made are given to the artist while 40% goes back into manufacturing costs and 10% to myself. Not for Profit Pins are 75% to the organization.